The CT Center for Nonviolence strives to bring people of all ages together by engaging the Beloved Community through a variety of state of the art communications. Films created by our youth and professional filmmakers alike, stories that are published in newspapers, periodicals, newsletters, blogs and on all forms of social media. Check back regularly for updates.

Tom Ficklin Show


CTCN On The Tom Ficklin Show

Founder/Executive Director, Victoria Christgau and New Haven Community Liaison and Trainer, Pastor John Lewis, enjoyed a wonderful conversation with Tom…
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The Six Principles of Nonviolence

The Six Princples of Nonviolence are the fundamental principles of Dr. Martin Luther King’s philosophy of Nonviolence as presented in the chapter Pilgrimage to Nonviolence published in his first book, Stride Toward Freedom. The following is a video series in which Dr. Bernard LaFayette expands on their meaning and application.

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