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Racial Justice and Nonviolence Education Book ReleaseOur friend and advisor, Dr. Arthur Romano, professor at George Mason University, examines how the role that CTCN’s community-based educators play advances Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s radical nonviolent vision for racial and social justice.

The book contains a deep analysis of nonviolence education. It spans the many experiences that Kingian Nonviolence trainers of all ages have sharing Kingian Nonviolence methods of conflict management in the community. The book focuses on informal education that takes place beyond the school walls, a type of education that too often remains invisible and undervalued in both civil society and scholarly research.

Stories of educator’s life-changing encounters, their successes and failures, and their 21rst century understanding of the six principles of Kingian Nonviolence in urban communities.

Each chapter delves into one of the six principles of Kingian nonviolence by introducing the reader to the lives of these CTCN trainers, providing a rich analysis of how they teach each principle. The book also shares academic resources for thinking more deeply about each principle.

Racial Justice and Nonviolence Education- Building the Beloved Community One Block at a Time will be of much interest to our CTCN supporters and teaching artists, students of conflict resolution, race studies, politics and education studies, as well as practitioners in the field.

It is currently required reading in three courses at George Mason University and is the subject of numerous book discussions around the country.

CTCN’s work outside of the classroom takes a fundamentally different approach, connecting King’s thinking around nonviolence principles to working for racial justice in cities deeply impacted by violence.

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