The Connecticut Office of the Arts, awarded CTCN with a Strategic Partnership Grant for $30,000.00. KINGIAN NONVIOLENCE TRAINING for Connecticut Teaching Artists.

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Connecticut Teaching Artists to receive Kingian Nonviolence Training in in February, 2021 Join the CTCN training team and become a certified Kingian Trainer to integrate the nonviolence lessons in your Arts Discipline.

The Connecticut Office of the Arts, has awarded the CTCN a Strategic Partnership grant of $30,000.00 for a second year, to direct a KINGIAN NONVIOLENCE TRAINING for a new cohort of Teaching Artists.

Teaching artists will be certified, by the Connecticut Center for Nonviolence (CTCN) and partnered with the Connecticut Cffice of the Arts (COA), to teach the Six Principles of Nonviolence through their art’s interpretation, upon completion of curriculum required.

The Six Principles/Steps are introduced through Kingian Nonviolence training, which incorporates the practicing of methodology, concepts, theories and techniques inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s teachings and philosophy.

Certification aligns Teaching Artists with a large national and international network of trainers through the practice of Kingian Nonviolence.

The Kingian Principles encompass conflict management strategies, classroom management techniques, as well as historical connectivity and cultural relevance.

The global diversity of the Teaching Artists brings the Kingian Methodology to light in the universal language of the arts. “If enough people develop the culture of nonviolence in their communities we are affecting change in untold ways. by encouraging hope, developing sustainable social justice strategies and restoring our humanity in this complex climate,” said CTCN executive director Victoria Christgau.

The integration of the arts and Kingian Nonviolence is the foundation on which the CTCN is built, this collaboration rejuvenates exposure to the application of nonviolence.

The CTCN is the only Connecticut organization qualified and authorized to certify practitioners of the Kingian Nonviolence curriculum. This process was designed by civil rights leader, Dr. Bernard LaFayette Jr (Honorary Board Chair for the CTCN) and colleague David Jehnsen. Expressed permission for use of this curriculum has been granted by Lafayette and Associates.

Certification Sessions will begin in the coming months. All certification exercises will align with Covid-19 Pandemic regulations. Teaching Artists are encouraged to apply.

February – March 2021 For information contact the Connecticut Center for Nonviolence at: (860) 567-3441 or Email: , subject: Teaching Artist.

Hartford Location to be determined. Virtual training may occur depending on
The extent of the COVID 19 Pandemic.

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